Vážení kolegovia!

Ak sa plánujete registrovať, respektíve vám po 5 rokoch končí registrácia titulu ErCLG, nezabudnite tak urobiť do 15. októbra.

Viac informácií nájdete na stránke https://www.ebmg.eu/587.0.html. Portál na odoslanie aplikácie je na stránke https://www.ebmg.eu/695.0.html 


Originálna správa od EBMG:

Dear Colleagues,

there is only time until 15. October for all who want to register or re-register (after 5 years) as ErCLGs = European registered Clinical Laboratory Geneticists.

Please can you send a reminder around in your country that interested people should register and upload their application at https://www.ebmg.eu/695.0.html as

soon as possible. There is no prolongation of deadline.


All details on eligibility can be found at https://www.ebmg.eu/695.0.html (a

pdf) and at https://www.ebmg.eu/587.0.html.


Thanks and best regards

Thomas Liehr and Isabel M Carreira (European Board of Medical Genetics - Professional Branch Board for Clinical Laboratory Geneticists)