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NGS Course; next-generation sequencing in a diagnostic setting
Od pondelok 20 apríl 2015 -  08:00am
Do štvrtok 23 apríl 2015 - 05:00pm
Pozretí : 1530
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A 4-day course on NGS in Prague will be organized in collaboration with the “National coordination centre for rare diseases at University Hospital Motol” in the period of 20-23 April 2015. The focus of the course will be on clinical diagnostics using exome/genome sequences, variant identification and analysis including afternoon practicals.

Viac informácií nájdete na nasledujúcej stránke: http://3gb-test.eu/20-23-april-2015-ngs-course-next-generation-sequencing-in-a-diagnostic-setting/